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Education Resource Fund

From August 2019 Zebras Children and Adults Charity will provide funding to support the purchase of Educational supplies and equipment for children who have additional needs and SEN. Parents, carers, teachers and schools can apply for funding within the North London area only.

The cost of supplies for children with SEN and additional needs is often very expensive. Applications can be made to fund resources that will aid a child’s learning either at school - within the class room or when they are at home, performing additional learning with parents and carers or extracurricular activity . If your child is home schooled you may wish to apply as the financial responsibility lies with parents, carers and guardians when educating a child at home. 

The catalogue of resource ideas is endless, whether you would like to by a educational game to help a child learn to count, or understand the concept of money, or a more specific item that has been recommended by a professional such as an Occupational Therapist, Zebras Charity aim to support your application. Please take a look at some of the outlets that supply educational supplies:

Zebras Children and Adults Charity fundraises specifically to support this grant making project. The charity is not funded by the government.

Zebras Education Funding is subject to successful application. All resources will be purchased directly through the fund. For full information and to read the criteria please download an application form.

Referrals from professional are most welcomed.