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Understanding Autism Training

This bespoke training has been created by the Founders of Zebras Children and Adults Charity who have extensive knowledge both practically, professionally and personally of Autism.

The contents have been created to be easy to understand so that the learner can gain more of an understanding of ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Training includes slides, practical exercises, videos from Autistic people, hands on experience and knowledge from the charities founders , a short test and a take home booklet containing all the information the learner needs to recap what they learnt plus resource and information list for further studies.

At the end of the training participants will be able to:

•Define Autism

•Identify the signs of Autism and its characteristics

•Understand how being Autistic can effect everyday life

•Understand and recognise co existing Mental Health conditions and how they effect an Autistic person

•Describe ways to support someone who is Autistic

•Understand current laws related to Autism

Whether you are an organisation looking to learn more, a business and would like to train staff to gain more of an understanding or a public service, this training course will give you a real insight into how Autistic people live in every day life, and how changes can be made in their environment to make their life that bit easier.

I learnt so much and thought it was very professional and informative. I wish I had been given this training years ago!

- Healthy Living Engagement Officer From Enfield
Insightful, and educational well run training