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Zebras recreation fund


Zebras Recreation Fund  launched in January 2018 and is a Nationwide project. The project aims to provide funding grants to applicants for recreational activities in their leisure time.

Applications will be considered form all areas of the UK and Wales.

The wonderful initiative provides recreational funding to people living with disabilities, and those who have undiagnosed conditions that limit their daily life.The funding will give people the chance to access leisure facilities where they want and in their own free time. (Please see application for criteria details). 

What's different about Zebras Recreation funding?

Unlike some other forms of funding that are specific in where and what you can spend the money on, Zebras funding allows the applicant to chose an activity that they enjoy, the time and date they wish to do it, and providing it is available Zebras Charity will fund it for them.

How does the process work?
The application process has been designed to be easy, just simply:

  • Decide what activity you would like to do 

  • Research the price

  • Decide the date and times 

  • Download the application form on this page

  • Read thoroughly, including the terms and conditions

  • Send back to us at Zebras Children and Adults Charity

If your application is successful Zebras Charity will contact you and the activity provider and make the payment directly to them. You will then be able to attend your chosen leisure activity, and have a great time!

Zebras Children and Adults Charity promotes the wellbeing of all people and values the importance of those whose lives are often limited to be given the chance to access and experience as many opportunities as they can. Our aim through the funding is to help as many people to do just that. 

Who can access the funding ?

Zebras Recreation Funding is available to children and adults with disabilities, those living with undiagnosed chronic conditions. Please read the application form and the terms and conditions thoroughly before applying for funding. If you are still unsure you can contact us for more information using the contact us page of this website.

The Benefits of Recreation

  • Recreation, sport, arts, culture and outdoor/open space are essential to maintaining a person's health and wellness.

  • Recreational activities help to build strong, safe and inclusive communities. 

  • Recreational outlets help to build an individual's self-esteem, keep you physically fit, reduce stress, eliminate loneliness and isolation. 

  • Through recreation we can help to build social skills, meet new people and enhance relationships and social contact. 

What activity can i do? 

The choice is yours!  There are so many new things to try...

Maybe you would like to try horse riding lessons, or take up classes such as learning to play a musical instrument. 

You may even want the funding to put towards a short break holiday, giving you the chance to unwind and really enjoy yourself. Why not challenge yourself and try something new!

Zebras Recreation Fund will fund up to £100 each applicant, per year. 

Please note up to £100 will be funded to each applicant in one year. When choosing the activity you wish to participate in it is advisable to spend as near to the allocated amount as possible. Remaining funds will be distributed to other applicants. I.E If your activity amount equates to £56 the remaining £44 will be distributed to other applicants via the Recreation Fund. ( One application per person per year). 

Please read the application form fully plus the terms and conditions for further details. 

Download an Application Form and Terms & Conditions Here:


zebras community cafe

Zebras Community Cafe offers 4 voluntary employment roles to adults with disabilities. People can gain work experience, build confidence and be supported by other volunteers and a professional supervisor who will mentor and coach each individual. You can gain skills and a qualification in food hygiene through our voluntary programme Employ-able.

Everyone who volunteers with us can have the chance to gain their 100 hours certification verified via your Local Authority. The programme runs throughout the year, term times only.

Those who decide to join us will be working with the general public in the Cafe that serves a range of good, healthy and nutritious food at reasonable, affordable prices.

opening times

11:00am until 2:00pm - Every Friday ( Term time only)


Ponders End Community Development Trust
Vincent House
2e Nags Head Road
Ponders End
Middlesex EN3 7FN




Project based in Enfield North London.

For ages 13-18 years. The Badminton Club gives young people the opportunity to access an activity that is not only enjoyable but that will have long term benefits when played regularly.

It is statistically proven that people with a disability are more likely to become obese, 28 % compared to 20.4 % of the remaining population, therefore we can fully appreciate and value the importance of keeping active and incorporating physical activities into a young person’s routine to sustain good health and mobility. 

The project aims to encourage participation, build confidence and skills,

maintain overall mental, emotional and physical well being. 




FARE SHARE project

Weekly distribution of surplus food which is collected from Tesco’s and then distributed to those who are in need of support. The collections aim to alleviate the effects of poverty and reduce the amount of food waste from large super market stores.

The project currently runs in Enfield, North London.


If you are in need of support and live in the area. Food bank referrals.


Sunday Distribution


zebras community fund

Project In Development





relaxed santa visit

Our unique Relaxed Santa Visit launched in 2017 and has been developing and growing since then.

In December each year we provide an adapted Santa’s Grotto for children with disabilities, life limiting conditions, their siblings and families.

The project began from the realisation that many children with certain disabilities miss out at Christmas times being able to visit Santa due to sensory difficulties and other issues. So many places do not consider the fact that some children will not be able to attend and so we took it upon ourselves to create our very own Santa’s Grotto with a wonderful Santa in a relaxed setting, allowing children and their siblings all the time they need to adjust to their enviroment before walking over to see Santa .

This project really works and we receive positive feedback from parents who are delighted to have somewhere to take their children a so they can enjoy this magical time of year, just like other children do.

We always need support for this project to keep going, if you make a donation today for £20 you could be helping just a child visit Santa , it would make such a difference to the family and the child, and you will know that you have supported them to be able to included just like other children.


Limited Spaces



CHRISTMAS collection

Zebras Children and Adults Charity proudly launched our first Christmas Collection in 2017 working in partnership with the Edmonton Salvation Army. Together we aimed to support the most vulnerable in our society by providing food and toys to families and individuals over the Christmas period.

This project helps alleviate the effects of poverty over the festive season . 

Christmas 2017 was a very successful project, delivering to over 70 families in the North London area. In 2018 we reached even more peoples - 80 families and within those families there were 152 children who all received brand new toys for Christmas.

We receive many kind toy donations from the general public, plus local businesses run toy and food collections. Maybe this year you could help us?

The project is seasonal and ongoing. We aim to fundraise throughout the year to contribute to each years collections, making them even bigger and better, and making more of a difference to disabled individuals, families and those living in hardship.

If you know of someone who may benefit from receiving food and toy donations in the month of December please ask them to be referenced to us via a professional such as a social worker, Intervention team, Teacher, Support worker.

Currently the project runs in the North London Borough, however as the project grows we aim to reach wider areas.

Zebras Children and Adults Charity are referral agents for the North London Food Bank. If you are in need of support please contact us using the refer button above. We may be able to direct you to the support you need.