“ Without the recreation fund we wouldn’t have been able to afford a day out. Being disabled my mum cannot travel on public transport and couldn’t afford to do the trip because of benefit cuts and increase in living costs. My mum and I both suffer with various physical disabilities . Mum has mental health conditions and progressing dementia so it was vital to start making memories together without this funding- we couldn’t do that”

- Applicants of the Recreation Fund



Zebras Recreation Fund  launched in January 2018 and is a Nationwide project. The project aims to provide funding grants to applicants for recreational activities in their leisure time.

Applications will be considered form all areas of the UK and Wales.

The wonderful initiative provides recreational funding to people living with disabilities, and those who have undiagnosed conditions that limit their daily life. The funding will give people the chance to access leisure facilities where they want and in their own free time. (Please see application for criteria details). 

We are aiming for as many people as possible to benefit from the funding. In our first year we granted 15 applications , we helped:

  • A family take a short break

  • A child receive specialized swimming lessons

  • Choir lessons

  • Purchased exercise equipment for the home

  • 3 families have a memorable day to the Southend seaside

  • A family visit the farm

In 2019 we aim to grant even more applications.

So What's different about Zebras Recreation funding?

Unlike some other forms of funding that are specific in where and what you can spend the money on, Zebras funding allows the applicant to chose an activity that they enjoy, the time and date they wish to do it, and providing it is available Zebras Charity will fund it for them.

How does the process work?
The application process has been designed to be easy, just simply:

  • Decide what activity you would like to do 

  • Research the price

  • Decide the date and times 

  • Download the application form on this page

  • Read thoroughly, including the terms and conditions

  • Send back to us at Zebras Children and Adults Charity

If your application is successful Zebras Charity will contact you and the activity provider and make the payment directly to them. You will then be able to attend your chosen leisure activity, and have a great time!

Zebras Children and Adults Charity promotes the well being of all people and values the importance of those whose lives are often limited to be given the chance to enjoy and experience as many opportunities as they can. Our aim through the funding is to help as many people to do just that. 


Who can access the funding ?

Zebras Recreation Funding is available to children and adults with disabilities, those living with undiagnosed chronic conditions. Please read the application form and the terms and conditions thoroughly before applying for funding. If you are still unsure you can contact us for more information using the contact us page of this website.

The Benefits of Recreation

  • Recreation, sport, arts, culture and outdoor/open space are essential to maintaining a person's health and wellness.

  • Recreational activities help to build strong, safe and inclusive communities. 

  • Recreational outlets help to build an individual's self-esteem, keep you physically fit, reduce stress, eliminate loneliness and isolation. 

  • Through recreation we can help to build social skills, meet new people and enhance relationships and social contact. 

What activity can i do? 

The choice is yours!  There are so many new things to try...

Maybe you would like to try horse riding lessons, or take up classes such as learning to play a musical instrument. 

You may even want the funding to put towards a short break holiday, giving you the chance to unwind and really enjoy yourself. Why not challenge yourself and try something new!

Zebras Recreation Fund will fund up to £100 each applicant, per year. 

Please note up to £100 will be funded to each applicant in one year. When choosing the activity you wish to participate in it is advisable to spend as near to the allocated amount as possible. Remaining funds will be distributed to other applicants. I.E If your activity amount equates to £56 the remaining £44 will be distributed to other applicants via the Recreation Fund. ( One application per person per year). 

Please read the application form fully plus the terms and conditions for further details.