Zebras Children And Adults Charity
Registered Charity Number 1171051
 Improving the lives of those in need

Improving the lives of those in need                                                                          Promoting Individuality -Inclusion- Acceptance    

                                                                                                                            Registered Charity Number 1171051 

Zebras Active Launched 2017

" Removing the barriers to participation in sport "

Our Proud Partnership 

Zebras Children and Adults Charity are proud to be partnering with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation to deliver the Zebras Active programme - a multi sports course designed to increase participation in sport. The programme is a fun and exciting way to encourage children to become more active , try new activities and engage in sport. 

The benefits 

Zebras Children and Adults Charity aims to provide opportunities to children to access activities that are not only enjoyable but that will have long term benefits. It is statistically proven that people with a disability are more likely to become obese, 28 % compared to 20.4 % of the remaining population, therefore we can fully appreciate and value the importance of keeping active and incorporating physical activities into your child's daily routine, to sustain good health and mobility. 
The project aims to encourage not only participation from the children but their parent/carers and siblings too.
The course will also teach parents and their children the importance of eating healthily, keeping active to improve the whole families overall mental, emotional and physical well being.