Zebras Children And Adults Charity
Registered Charity Number 1171051
 Improving the lives of those in need

Improving the lives of those in need                                                                          Promoting Individuality -Inclusion- Acceptance    

                                                                                                                            Registered Charity Number 1171051 

 ZEBRAS FUNDING GOAL ...  Within the next Ten years we aim to raise enough funds to open the very first      recreational centre for children and adults with disabilities. Help us to reach this goal by donating today!  
To learn more about Zebras goal and how you can be a part of it click here - Fundraising                                                                                                                                                                                           

Zebras Children And Adults Charity has been founded and

developed by two parents of a child with disabilities.                   Through their Sons daily difficulties and struggles they
decided to create a place where people sharing these 
difficulties could come together, support one another 
be accepted but above all be themselves. 

Individuality  -   Inclusion  -   Acceptance 

Our vision at Zebras Children And Adults Charity is to live in a world where all individuals are included and accepted.

Zebras Children And Adults Charity aims to provide services to people and help improve their conditions of life through recreational outlets, which in turn will promote overall well being, provide advocacy, advice and information to parents, carers, support workers and professionals. 

Visit our services page for more details regarding the many services Zebras Children And Adults Charity provide.

We can only continue to develop the Organisation with the help and support from the community. Zebras Children And adults Charity relies on fundraising, sponsorship's and kind donations to keep us going. 

There are many ways that you can get involved and help us to make a difference ...

The fantastic and unique work we do can only continue with the help of kind donations. If you wish to make a difference then please use the donate button at the top of this page . Thank you for your support.

Would you like to be a fundraiser for Zebras Children And Adults Charity? 

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For more information please contact our Fundraising Manager at : fundraising@zebrascacharity@outlook.com

Donations can be made directly by using this webpage Donation button. Thank you for your support.

We are so pleased to announce the Launch of our new programme for children in June 2017 - Zebras Active!

Zebras are so proud to be working in partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation  to find out more about this fantastic opportunity visit - Zebras Active page.

Christmas Collection Launch

Zebras Children and Adults Charity proudly launched our first Christmas Collection - 2017 working in partnership with the Edmonton Salvation Army. Together we aim to support the most vulnerable in our society by providing food and toys to families and individuals over the Christmas period. This project will be running every year  and we aim to fundraise throughout the year to contribute to next years collection making it even bigger and better. 

Zebras Children and Adults Charity are delighted to be working in partnership with Tesco & FareShare together reducing food waste by distributing surplus food and food parcels to our beneficiaries.

Zebras Children and Adults Charity aims to help alleviate poverty and support our community through this wonderful project.

Please click  Zebras FareShare project to visit our page for more information and updates on the projects success.

Could you be a Zebras Fundraiser? 

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