Zebras Children And Adults Charity
Registered Charity Number 1171051
 Improving the lives of those in need

Improving the lives of those in need                                                                          Promoting Individuality -Inclusion- Acceptance    

                                                                                                                            Registered Charity Number 1171051 

 Our Services

Zebras Childrens Club:

Activities and Skills group for Children aged  from 3-16 



Please request a booking form by using the submission box on this page. Placements will be confirmed via email, or written letter if requested.

Attendance Fees : 

Fees are charged at £5.00 PER Child Attending , siblings are charged at £5.00 each Child.  Under 2s go FREE.

There are two payment options available. A " Pay as you attend " option, or you can pay via block payments where you will receive 20% discount on fees paid in advance. 
There are many additional events and days out that take place throughout the year!

Childrens T-Shirts can be purchased for £8.99 and come in Black/Purple/Royal Blue/Yellow/Bottle Green.

Children can now borrow books from our very own Zebras Library and return them when they are ready. Each child is given a unique library card and once they have completed reading or looking through 9 books they receive a £5 book voucher.

For full year diary dates of the club please enquire via Email: zebrasclub@outlook.com  or Call Harriet & Jamie : 07534502244

 Zebras Adults Group:   " ZAG"  OPENED TUESDAY 8TH MARCH 2016


Activities and Skills Group for Adults 18+.

Time:  11.00 AM UNTIL 1.00PM - Fortnightly

Starting Tuesday 8th March 2016   

Please feel free to bring along a snack.

There  are many activities to be enjoyed and new skills to learn if you wish to. Promoting Physical and emotional well being, integration and  the development and enhancement of social skills. 

  • Arts and Crafts ( jewelry making, painting classes etc)
  • Large 7ft Table Tennis
  • Table Football
  • Sega Mega Drive Console with 80 Retro Games
  • Beauty treatments
  • 4ft Pool Table
  • Air Hockey
  • Drama & Role Play
  • Chess/Board games
  • Life Skills Development
  • Memory and reaction games
  • Cookery and Nutritional advice
  • Book & Magazines
  • Music/ Keyboard Percussion instruments 
  • Relaxation
  • Chill out area with large bean bags
  • Basket ball (soft balls)


ZAG has its very own library where members who attend can now borrow books, and return them when they are ready too. Once their library card is complete each person will receive a £5 book voucher to spend. 

The activities listed will be rotated at each session, as with the Childrens Group. 
Adults will receive a Newsletter Every quarter containing any up coming Special Events, or Special Guests. There are many additional events and day trips throughout the year too. 

Attendance Fees :

£6.50 per Adult  Which includes Refreshments- Tea/Coffee/Herbal Teas/Cold Drinks Cakes , Biscuits & fruit 


Please Feel Free to bake at home and bring along your food to share with the group! It would be very much appreciated and recognised.

Adult T-Shirts can be purchased at £10.99 and come in Black/Purple/Royal Blue/Yellow/Bottle Green   -Please visit our web-store for full details.                               

Our Adults are welcomed and encouraged to become Volunteers, which are always needed at Zebras Adult Group- ZAG, where by you will be supported through our volunteer programme Employ-able which is bespoke to suit the persons needs and abilities. Please view our vacancies/volunteer page for further details. 

For full year diary dates of the club or any questions please enquire via Email: zebrasclub@outlook.com  or Call Harriet & Jamie : 07534502244

Zebras Counselling Services :

           * WORK IN PROGRESS *


Many families who have a member with a disability can often feel isolated and misunderstood. Their concerns are often kept to themselves through fear of others not wanting to listen or feeling like they are in some way failing or showing weakness by asking for advice. Many individuals whom are living with a disability may sometimes feel the need to talk to someone, who just listens and understands, this service is available for anyone in need.

We all need someone to talk to and often it helps to discuss your feelings with a Counsellor as your worries can seem less extensive when we have shared them with someone else.

It is very common for those supporting and carer for an individual to suffer emotionally, Zebras Counselling service is here to help......

At Zebras Counselling Service we can offer:

  • Knowledge & proactive information from an Professionally trained Counsellor whom specialises in Anxiety & stress, Family difficulties,  Educational issues, Emotional disturbances 
  • Techniques used during the therapeutic process: Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT, NLP, Goal Setting, Visualisation, relaxation.
  • One - one Support For anyone within families or other,  including Adults with Disabilities, people with mental health difficulties. 

Our aim is for families and those whom are in need of the service to receive emotional support and we can offer this additionally to siblings within the family unit whom may too have emotional needs. 
Zebras Counselling Service wants every member of the family to feel supported to improve their well being.

Zebras Counselling Service can also provide practical support and resources to help with all manor of daily issues that arise when raising a family with additional needs . No problem is to big that together we can not find a solution.  For information please make an enquiry using the "Booking Form "   on this page.                                                                                                               One - one Counselling sessions can be booked via an appointment only. Advanced booking is advised due to high demand for the service. 
Counselling services are available to everyone whom may benefit. Referrals are welcome. 

Service Fees :

   * Under review *

Zebras Advocacy, Advice & Information: