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Our Mission

“Helping to make lives better”

We aim to support both children and adults with disabilities to live their life the way they choose . Zebras Children and Adults Charity believes it is important that if you have a disability you must be given the chance to show your ability and get the most from your life. We will educate society and change attitudes through our work . Our projects, services and support will benefit people by :

  • Gaining employment experience

  • Improving health and well being

  • Building confidence and self esteem

  • Alleviating the effects of poverty for individuals, families and carers

  • Diminish stigma, inequality, abuse and discrimination



The difference we make…

"The charity supported us through the project - the Recreation Fund, we needed a break away as our caring role takes it toll sometimes. With the funding we were able to put it towards a much needed short break to the seaside ."

— Parent/Carer


Our Vision

Individuality - Inclusion - Acceptance

Our vision at Zebras Children And Adults Charity is to live in a world where all individuals are included and accepted.

Zebras Children And Adults Charity aims to provide opportunities to people to help improve their conditions of life through recreational activities, our services and projects . We want to put an end to the effects of poverty that so many individuals and families face in the Uk when living with a disability or caring for someone they love.

We want a world where everyone will be accepted for who they are without judgement and that there are opportunities and equality for all. So many disabled people face daily difficulties and unfortunately there is still many obstacles to get over to be totally understood.

Through campaigning we will tackle these difficulties and issues and bring about the change that is needed.

We are determined and will challenge ignorance and always have people at the heart of everything we do.



Our Objectives

Our charities objectives are to provide opportunities and services of recreation for disabled people, and those living in hardship. We aim to make their lives easier by offering services and projects that will have a beneficial purpose for both their mental and physical well being. We aim to work with other organisations and form meaningful partnerships that will create opportunities for people to access recreational activities that they may not be able to independently, or may feel they are excluded from doing so. We will fight and campaign against discrimination, abuse and isolation and encourage people to become empowered and build their confidence through the emotional and advocacy support we offer.