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Our Mission:

“Helping to make lives better”

We support both children and adults with disabilities to live their life the way they choose.


Our Mission

We are helping to make lives better through our projects, support, campaigning and collaborations . We are making a difference and leading by example. We are people who know first hand the challenges children, families and individuals face on a daily basis and we are determined to create a better future where everyone has a chance to achieve their full potential .

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Our Impact

Zebras Children and Adults charity has been established since 2015 as an organisation , gaining registered charity status in 2017.

Already, in just a short space of time the work we do has made a big impact on the people who use our services, projects and support.

The services we provide have a direct, positive impact on peoples lives.

Each year we aim to reach out to more and more children, adults and their families.

Over the past 2 years as a charity we have already supported …


Our Services

We help support both children , adults and their families through our various projects which are run throughout the year.

Our projects benefit both children and adults and have made effective differences to many lives.

Can we help you?


Fundraise For Zebras

There are so many of ways to get involved, from organising your own table top sale to climbing a mountain!


Get Involved

There are so many ways you can get involved and be a part of the charity. Together we can make a difference and create a better future for children, adults and their families.

In the Uk there are around 13.3 million disabled people  (almost one in five of the population ) we want you to help us to make positive changes so we can all live in a world without judgment, one that embraces individuality, is inclusive and accepts everyone.

You can help us by volunteering, joining our campaigns or donating:


Volunteer opportunities

Find out more about the exciting opportunities !


Join us in our efforts to campaign and make changes.

Make a Donation

With your help we can keep going and develop the charity further and reach out to more people.