“Walk This May”

Walk This May and help us to make lives better

Get involved and help us fundraise by taking part in “ Walk This May” the charities fundraising event that takes place every year throughout the month of May.

Bringing people from across the UK together to challenge themselves and make a difference. 
Have fun and show off your individuality by joining us.

The sponsored walk event aims to raise awareness and funds for the charity and support all the great work we do, you can be a part of this great event too! 

There are many ways you can get involved throughout the entire month of May.
You can either – arrange your own sponsored event - for example:

  • A sponsored walk, setting the distance that is comfortable for you and anyone participating

  • A sponsored run, or ride, whichever is best for you and will help you to get sponsors, the distance and challenge is up to you!

  • Fancy dress – we recommend dressing up whilst walking and standing out! Part of Zebras Children and Adults Charity’s ethos is “individuality” and through this event we would love for people to really show who they are and express themselves! This is also a great way to get noticed, so why not have some fun and get creative with a great costume that represents you!

  • Or you can join the Founders and the team on the designated 10k walk in May (full details will be given on registration).

Now your ideas are flowing, all you need to do is sign up for Free by clicking below.

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Fundraise for zebras

There are loads of ways you can fundraise for the charity. There are so many ideas and ways you could get involved, you could: 

Arrange a coffee morning with friends

A cake sale at school

Fun Run

Sponsored walk

Why not challenge yourself by cutting out caffeine, alcohol, chocolate for a month and get your friends and family to sponsor you. Or you could even go so far as climbing a mountain!

You may even want to get a local organisation involved such as Rotary Clubs, Scout groups, tennis or golf club, they may have a great idea that you could be involved with and get the community to support you.

What ever you decide to do we are here to help you get started and support you every step of the way.

Fundraising Pack

We can provide you with fundraising material such as balloons, collection boxes and buckets and the charity logo, to help your event really take shape.

We are here to help , get in touch with us on the contact page to share with us your great idea.