16.8% of people with a learning disability play sport at least once a week, compared with 39.9% of the general population (Sport England, 2018)

zebras swim school


Zebras Swim School in partnership with Fusion Southbury Road Leisure Centre is proud to offer inclusive swimming lessons for Autistic young people aged 14 - 25, and 26 years +.

The main aim being to learn safety in the water and techniques to stay safe, learn to swim, increase physical well-being and fitness.

Key benefits from swimming for Autistic young people and adults:

●        Gain vital water safety skills which can serve to save lives and prevent drowning

●        Water is a soothing environment for autistic people, many parents and carers report how their child is at ease within the water

●        Improve coordination, self-esteem and cognitive processing

●        Reduce anxiety

●        Swimming can help improve learning

●        According to the International journal of sports psychology swimming can improve an Autistic child’s speech and cognitive function, this is because the water provides a soothing escape from any overwhelming noises. Swimming then becomes a relaxing activity to look forward to.

●        Smaller grouped swimming lessons at Fusion Zebras Swim School will provide a comfortable social experience that is manageable to an autistic person

Aside from all the above the physical benefits of swimming in general are: it helps to build muscle strength and endurance, improves cardiovascular fitness, helps to maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.


Zebras Swim School project is very proud to be a part of the Enfield Council - Local Authority’s Local Offer - which provides activities that meet the needs of the SEND community.




Southbury Leisure Centre

192 Southbury Road

Enfield, England, EN1 1YP