16.8% of people with a learning disability play sport at least once a week, compared with 39.9% of the general population (Sport England, 2018)



Project based in Enfield North London.

For ages 13-18 years. The Badminton Club gives young people the opportunity to access an activity that is not only enjoyable but that will have long term benefits when played regularly.

It is statistically proven that people with a disability are more likely to become obese, 28 % compared to 20.4 % of the remaining population, therefore we can fully appreciate and value the importance of keeping active and incorporating physical activities into a young person’s routine to sustain good health and mobility. 

The project aims to make a positive difference and encourage participation, build confidence and skills, and maintain overall mental, emotional and physical well being.  

If you are a parent/carer and you would like your child or young adult to participate please use the sign up box opposite to register and we will email you more details.