Dear Parents and Carers


Zebras Children and Adults Charity is pleased to announce that we will have a visit from Ark Farm on Saturday 20th April at Boleyn Community Hall, St Martins Close, Enfield, EN1 4HR from 12:00 till 2:00pm.

This visit will offer a very positive learning experience for the children to learn about taking care and showing responsibility for animals.  It will also aid with developing an understanding of the importance of treatment of living creatures.

There will be a variety of animals and birds visiting the event (no reptiles) that the children will be able to touch and handle.

Please fill out the following form to agree to your child attending and if they have any allergies. If your child has any allergies, please can you ensure that correct medication is brought along or administered before the event.

We will be making Arm Farm aware that this visit is to children with SEN.

About Ark Farm

Ark Farm is a small family run smallholding educational business where animals grow up in an environment surrounded by family and staff who have a genuine interest in animals, their welfare and helping other people learn and understand more about livestock and caring for animals.

Most of their animals have be born and brought up as part of their ongoing educational mobile farm activities. From an early age the animals are put at ease in the presence of people and other animals and are no strangers to the environments they go to.

They are not a commercial farm, they do not supply any produce or meat to the food trade and none of their animals are specifically trained.

Please visit their website for more information.