Zebras Children and Adults Charity consent form for the use of photographs or video (Parents and children).

Zebras Children and Adults Charity recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people taking part in any activity associated with our organisation.

In accordance with our child protection policy we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the parents/carers and children. As your child will be taking part in our Easter Family Special Event to take place Saturday 20th April at Boleyn Community Hall Enfield, from 12:00 till 2:00pm we would like to ask for your consent to take photographs/videos of the event or activity that may contain images of your child. It is likely that these images may be used as

·        a record of the activity or the event

·        in a written evaluation report of the activity or event that will be viewed by Zebras Children and Adults Charity

·        publicity material for further activities or events on leaflets/websites/magazines

·        illustrations of the activities or events in published articles

·        future grant applications 

Zebras Children and Adults Charity will take all steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purposes they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform Zebras Children and Adults Charity immediately.

Please also be mindful of other parents/carers children when taking your own photographs. Zebras Children and Adults Charity holds no responsibility from photographs which are taken by parents/carers which may then be shared on social media or other.